Monday, October 7, 2019

Unexpected autographs

As I keep going through the box of cards from Jeff, I seem to keep getting surprised...but we will get to that in a little bit. First, some Jays...

Another sprinkling of 80s Topps Jays as well as some 1989 Jays as well

Including 1989 Topps. The best of the Jays today though....with the couple cards I have, I now have the complete Jays team set from 1989 Upper Deck...

Wasn't expecting to get the last couple cards I needed, let alone almost a complete team set, but yay!

Oh and as for autographs...

Seems cards from this set are finding me every which way - from dollar store repacks to cards like this in the awesome box from Jeff. These are great cards in being on card autographs rather than sticker, and the signatures themselves are pretty darn good as well.

Amazing adds, and unexpected - thanks again Jeff!

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  1. I opened up some packs of 2000-01 ITG BAP hockey... but nothing compared to 1999-00 and the Upper Deck and Pinnacle products from the mid-90's. I was obsessed with the one autograph per pack products.