Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Another day of...not so Toronto cards...

This box from Jeff just keeps going - still a few more days worth of cards to go!

So, today we start off with...

Ummm...okay, not a Jay or a Leaf...but still works as it happens to be a 1989 Donruss card that I needed, though a couple also that I didn't...

but not to worry - I will find a good home for them. I gather these were just grabbed when Jeff was collecting the cards to give me, but no worries - it happens (I have done it too).

Not to worry, plenty of Jays and Leafs still for today, like...

Can't complain when it starts with an error - the back is missing his 1980s Blue Jays stats.

Another bunch of late 80s Jays, right through to Nabisco early 90s Jays. I have a bunch of those, but will likely try to get the whole set at some point because it is an all Canadian set (Jays and Expos).

80s Esso Leaf cards which are awesome though a little smaller than standard size.

A few other early 90s Leafs and then...

A bunch of mostly new later Leafs. The Starquest cards are awesome in design when put together. The vibrant red, blue and green just make them pop out. These I believe are the first ones I have other than blue....nope...after checking, now I have Mats and Mike in blue, green, and red. The choice reserve UD card (the second Leaf from this year for me), and last, but not least is a great 2015 National Hockey Card Day (Canadian edition) Terry Sawchuk.

Each day, something different from this box - shall see what we get tomorrow!


  1. Good cards. The Upper Deck hockey are always great.

    1. They were always a solid design in their early days.