Thursday, October 3, 2019

Starting the box from Jeff and a trade

So I am finally getting around to sorting through the amazing box I picked up from Jeff. Jeff is a local collector who reached out after coming across this very blog, and wanted to meet up. We exchanged a few emails and met near where we both work in downtown Toronto. I was able to pull together a bunch of Bruins since that is what he collects, and he was kind enough to bring along a bunch of Leafs and Jays cards, which is what I want to start going through today.

As is due for the course here, I am going to take my sweet time to go through the box and share as I go over the next week or so and honestly, the box deserves the time. I haven't had much chance to go through the cards, but there is a lot of great stuff here.

A lot of the cards are in team bags, so I'll probably put one or two a day to go through, but today, I am going to share a handful of cards which were packed on top individually, all of which are excellent new adds for the collection.

We star with a non-card...

As can be seen - this is the Doug Gilmour coin from from the Hockey Greats coin collection out of 1996-97. I don't specifically collect coins, but will definitely be keeping it as it is so darn nice!

Next up, a nice SN card out of the 2000-01 Signature Series. I've picked up a few cards from this series that were supposed to be stamped with an SN and they were missing, but at least here, we have the SN nice and clear.

Next up, as we see lower SN figures, an awesome Doug Gilmour (I think we will be seeing a bunch of Doug in this box..I hope). This is the first Exquisite card I have - and man is this a thick card. It fit nicely in a 10 card container. Would have been nice if the back were blown up to be full stats, but that's about all I can complain about.

We also have a great Halladay card which is SN out of 350. This doesn't scan very well as the green seems lost, as is the SN on the back just under the Prestigious Pros on the back. May not be a lot of picture on the front of Roy, but it is a unique design.

Here, more on point, is one of the actual SN ruby parallels out of 2000-01 Signature Series. Sergei started off really well with the Leafs, but after 2000-01, and leaving the Leafs, he popped around to a few different teams, but never really got going again the way he was in Toronto.

Last up...

An awesome Pacific Paramount card of Steve Sullivan numbered out of 99. Love the front scan with the light blue of the foil. Steve was fine in Toronto, but when moving on the Chicago, continued on with a career that ended up at over 1,000 games.

Really appreciate the cards from Jeff, and I look forward to going through some mover as I say, over the next week or so.

Another awesome mail item that came not too long ago was a trade from Detfan6897 at TCDB. The trade was for the following cards...

A bunch of 1999-00 McDonald's hockey cards which include the last 5 (as I already had 10) of the Retro insert cards so finish off another set this year. The two "normal" cards also reduce the number I need from the main set to just Yzerman and Belfour. The Kirby also brings the JJ set of 9 cards down to only needing two more as well, all of which I have added to my wanted page.

We also got a few unexpected extras including a Leaf card and a couple error/variation cards from 1990-91 Pro Set.

Big thanks for the help completing another set in this one!

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  1. Love oddball stuff... like coins. It seems like the 90's and sports coins go together like ice cream and pie. I just bought a pack of Pinnacle Mint last weekend, but I think it's football... not hockey.