Saturday, October 26, 2019

Not such a Victory

Today, one of the packs from the cube - 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory - so a set I am working on (kinda). The downside of being a set I am working on - half the pack are duplicates...

Decent, and at least Cheechoo I knew I had seen a couple times before from the Santa Lot a couple years ago.

At least a couple additions though...

Always happy that, if I can't get a Leaf, I can get a Pen, and Staal was a solid part of their team early in his career.

We end with...

A rookie card which falls every other pack, but of a pretty solid rookie as McLeod has been in the league for a dozen years with time between Colorado, Nashville and New York. A scrappy, but solid player who has carved out a solid career.

An alright pack, but let's see if the Score packs come up with anything interesting next.

1 Pack, 71 cards, 173 points

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  1. I remember of the Cheechoo and Bernier skating together for the Sharks. Good times.