Friday, April 16, 2021

A few more keepers and a new set

 A handful of cards from one of the new to me sets from this pot of cards. These actually get me to 50 of the 150 base cards.

As you can see, the base set is alphabetical, with these being some of the L and M last named cards. Some solid ones too - not sure if I like the Maddox or Larkin more.

The rest is heavily basketball...but not all.

We get to end with a new football set coming out of this lot - 1996 Topps. In my opinion - it's pretty darn ugly looking. The red and green design for the bottom of the cards with the name, position and team is just...Christmassy.

Add to that the 40th year logo in the large gold foily-ness, and it just is a bit much for me.

Still - I have been really happy in the cards consistently being mid-90s onward because it is such a missing time period for cards in my collection, but also, at least it isn't "junk" period stuff that would be harder to even trade away or find homes for.


  1. Nice Larkin photo. Some basketball greats including Hakeem always make basketball cards fun. Like that Richmond photo. Good post.

  2. Don't think I've ever seen 1996 Topps football before, thanks!