Friday, April 2, 2021

Collector's Choice

It's an apt name - it's a choice on whether to collect or not, that I have to consider. The set - 1996 Collector's Choice baseball.

Yes - A. Gon is a keeper as a Jay, but these ones...

will have to wait a bit any see if there is a bit more here before deciding. I don't have any other than the Jays cards in my collection, and it is a 790 card set that I don't have any specific attachment to in order to have a huge desire to collect it.

So the numbers will have to tell the story. Not sure what that "line" for me is, but I'd think I'd like a couple hundred cards for a solid start. 

These sets though...not so needed...

The backs of some of the 1996 Fleer cards, just to show what they look like. Nothing spectacular, but solid nonetheless.

I haven't mentioned it yet on these 1996 Upper deck cards, but I do like the fact they have a description on most of the cards of exactly what is going on in the picture. It lets you actually go back easily and see what the game was, whether it has any other meaning or importance, as I know some people like to collect cards which are from games they have attended, for example.

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  1. Not sure about that Fleer set. Just doesn't do anything for me. The Upper Deck football looks good though. Some good photos found there.