Friday, April 30, 2021

Put A Pin In It

 It is April 30th, so put a pin in this one and stick it away for another year - this is the end of my busy season...thank goodness! In Canada, there are no personal tax extensions really whereas these seem to be plentiful in the US, so although our deadline normally is a bit later (April 30th in Canada versus April 15th - or mid-May this year in the US), our deadline is a hard deadline.

Except last year.

COVID had our personal tax season essentially last until the end of September.

I hope to never have that happen again because it made sure there was pretty much no "down time" until the following year, which made this past busy season, just drag.

So let's squeeze out one last post before the best day of the year - May 1st - the furthest possible time from the next busy season.

We start with another pin of sorts...

At first I just thought the card was damaged as there was a heavy dent in the front just under the "lea" in League. As it turns out, this card came with a pin which I will assume in this case was a Phillies pin. It was likely how the card and pin were packaged that created this dent, so I will consider it not to be "damage" but just part of how it was packaged. Interestingly, this is one of 28 cards, or so says the back, so one would assume this Imprinted Products Corporation is like the others, discussing the team to which the relate pin you get, relates.

A unique card nonetheless.

The keepers...

Here we have, I believe, the first attempt at an update set by Donruss which was done as a stand alone boxed set, so looks like this one was taken a part a bit. Given it was only a 56 card set, I'll take this as a challenge to put it together...saying that without looking to see if there is some super expensive card in here I'll have to buy...

The design is really unchanged from the 1985 set, but you do get the nice big Highlights baseball logo.

Continuing on, we get a few more needs from other base set collections with some Parkhurst hockey out of 1992-93 and mid-90s Collector's Choice baseball.

Finally, some 1992-93 Upper Deck to finish...

As for the "not for me" cards...

Okay, not a big fan of non-sports cards, but like The Simpsons, if I get a full set of this Batman series, darn right I'll keep it - it's Batman! With 154 cards, may be an outside chance of happening - versus the 88 card Simpson set. Batman though was a much better movie that The Simpsons Movie....


  1. Most of my friends and family took advantage of the extension... but I got my taxes taken care of back in March. A few years ago, I was the guy who would get them done in early February.

    1. Early filing is much appreciated by accountants - anything that can be filed in early March just means less to do in April!

    2. Good to know. This was the first year my CPA sent a letter stating he'd prefer his clients to file earlier if possible. I understood... because I figured it's like my students all waiting until the last minute to turn in a project ;D