Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Handful

 Well, today is a win....

The majority are new to my collection, though not all of them. Will need to end up trying to get two of each anyway if I am going to eventually work on set completion for this one.

It still is so odd to me in seeing Otis Nixon as a Jay. Very much like Jose Conseco or Roger Clemons. Though Frank Thomas may be the exception to the rule.

There were a bunch more base set adds for the set as well.

A very unique overhead shot of Perez really stands out in the crowd of cards.

Some good Expos cards as well, and aKelly card where it looks almost as if he lost the ball rather than the more likely scenario of calling off another fielder.

These all bring the set to 99 cards. I still expect to add another 100 or so from this lot. If that doesn't happen...may take this one back off the list.

If I get much more of this Upper Deck set, will have to see where it is for set completion too.

So being about 5,200 cards in and factoring in my more narrowed focus as far as sets I am collecting, I'd say 30% is pretty darn good, especially considering that the 4 main sports are fairly even thus far.


  1. I'm a big fan of those Angels unis from that era. All good cards. Nice Buhner photo. Eugene Robinson looking like he's walking back from laying someone out! Good cards and post.

  2. It's not quite as well done as they did in some of their early sets, but I didn't realize that UD had ever made any of those layered action shots for the Choice brand. Shawn Green says otherwise though.