Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Okay, You're In

 Okay, so didn't take getting to much more and I changed my mind.

Yeah, enough 1996 Collector's Choice cards that I figure, I might as well go with collecting the set for now and if anything, change my mind later. No surprise it's a big set, start here with some team checklist and rookie class subset cards.

I solid bunch of cards, but really like the Mo Vaughn Award Winner insert. Like whenever All Stars, Award Winners or similar players get an extra subset card, and the cards use a solid design like this.

There were a couple dupes...

and some more of the 1996 Fleer football cards as I think I am getting close to 75% of that 200 card base set.

We end with a lesson that - it doesn't hurt to ask. I was at Walmart not long ago, and checking the near empty card shelves when I saw one of the things I hate seeing - a ripped up pack with the loose cards on top. Not a surprise it was a hockey, but with the loose cards, it looked like the inserts were taken and the base cards left.

Well - I'm no snob to base cards so I asked the nearby associate about it and they said to take them, and who am I to argue?

As you can see - it's 2020-21 Upper Deck flagship cards. I have a couple already from trade for the Leaf team set, and happily, see a couple more here...

A nice couple, though Alex I did happen to already have. At the price of free though, and trying to find a good home for all the non-Leafs - definitely worth the ask!

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  1. Yes my guess is the associate just needed the wrapper to process that the pack was defective, but it didn't matter whether just the inserts were missing or the whole pack.