Saturday, April 10, 2021

Green(e) with Envy

 Well, if I am going to have a bit of a football run which usually doesn't leave me too much to really talk about and more of a "hey look at these" posts, mid-April works...

So, the Jeff Lewis studio pose doesn't do much for me, especially when compared to the Karim "standing tall in his yard" pose right beside it.

A photo can make all the difference in the world.

We get another Kevin Greene sighting (a third, or fourth...maybe?). Also another Bledsoe too.

Nice emotion on the Isaac Bruce card - celebratory pose after the play I presume.

I didn't realize Green was such a popular last name in the NFL in the mid-90s - a couple more players with it here. We can count Kevin in the group too, even with the slightly different spelling.

Not too shabby a 50, just not great for me...if I run into more cards, I'll take a look at the set completion too.

We end the post with a PWE and apology. I got a surprise envelope from reader Ken with the awesome cards you see below. I usually try to post within a couple days of getting these types of surprises, but it being April and crazy busy (may hit 80 hours of work this week....), just didn't get the chance for a few days longer than I like.

Still - really appreciate, well, these...

A number of 2008 Topps Chrome Jays. Chrome is definitely lacking in my collection given how popular of a run the sets have had over the years. Vernon is a nice refractor version as well. I don't know how much this varies print to print, but I will say the Chrome base cards have a solid curve from side to side, while the couple refractors I have, don't. Just interesting how much the different finishes can impact the curve of the cards. 

Bowman Platinum is another scarce set in my collection, but we have one more here as well as the first couple 2020 Panini Diamond King cards.

We get a couple Leaf cards as well including the always welcome Gold Medallion parallel, here with the nicely done full background gold for Ridley and then we end with...

A solid Black Gold insert Harper. I had a good handful of these come out of the lot, and like them, so more than happy to get another.

Great bunch of cards and I will send something back your way Ken, though it will honestly be at the start of crazy with work this year!

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