Friday, April 23, 2021

Checking Some Photos

 Today, some more 1997 Upper Deck baseball, which continues to show, these cards have some pretty awesome photos.

Whether a fan of Canseco or not, that's an interesting shot. Only thing that would have made it a bit better is if the angle was such that the baseball wasn't covering part of his face. Though, then again, it is Canseco, so maybe that's not a bad thing...

The Mark Grace is a great full out dive defensive stop shot which shows his range.

Okay, Marvin wins with such a great father and son shot. Kids' so adorable - kid must be about 24 now...might not be as cute, but has a card to remember that day.

So the only subset from Series 1, which these cards are all from, is the starting subset which is about 10 cards all about Jackie Robinson. May not see those, will have to find out, but getting close on getting the rookies covered which would surprise me.


Three more Griffey cards!


So just checking in - series 1 itself is 240 cards, then there were some mail in cards, so I'd be fine with getting most of the 240 cards and calling it a complete series/set at that.


  1. The highlight stat Upper Deck put in the 1997 sets is underrated in my opinion. Too bad they didn't continue it for more than one year.

  2. Upper Deck had always been good with putting interesting photos on the cards. I still go back to the triple exposure cards in 93 UD and smile