Monday, April 5, 2021


 Another days of cards which cover football only, so let's take a look of what is here...

The bottom row of names are all familiar - never liked the Cowboys, partially due to their success against the Bills. Okay, mostly due to it.

Bettis is a solid pick up, but I still prefer the subset of the Pro Football Wekkly for highlighting the stars.

Checklists are alright too.

Again, a fine bunch of cards, just not for my collection.

Well - since those didn't really do much for me - how about a trade? I sent away a PWE of football cards I have no need for and got these in exchange thanks to TCDB member Shaggy69:

Mostly wrestling cards as I find these to be more scarce in trades - so if it is an option, it's my go to. Also - couldn't pass up on Heritage since it again, is harder to come by in trades.

Same is true about the Showdown baseball cards - so a nice bunch of cards to be able to turn some football cards into!


  1. It's okay not to like the Cowboys. Just saying. Plenty of good players. The Jerry Rice is my favorite of the group. The Triple H and Peyton Royce cards are nice as well though the photo on the Alexander Wolfe card is pretty sweet.

  2. To be fair, no one really likes the Cowboys :)

    1. I'm sure there's at least one know, the exception to the rule....

  3. Nice Peyton Royce rookie cup card.