Thursday, April 22, 2021

Preemptive Add

 With the lot of cards, I am just opening the next box, and it looks to be mostly one set - so taking out the first 50, I hope it would at least be baseball or hockey so as I may have some personal interest in what's in the box....and well, it is something that I can collect, and plan to given the box "start", so let's see what we have...

1997 Upper Deck - solid and not something I have much of. I had all of 3 cards in my traders which I pulled, and 7 cards from earlier in this with this box, we will have a good starting point. My only question will be, is it both series 1 and 2, or will it just be series 1 based on the start here...

There are some really interesting photos too between the Sanders hug, Suppan bite, and Hershiser shadow.

Defensive Gems is one of the subsets, and a set you better include Ozzie in, and Devon is another strong candidate most any year as well.

More subsets hit here with Global Impact showcasing stars born around the world who have made an impact in the majors, then highlights, and star rookies.

As far as stars go Andruw and Nomar are pretty high up there.

The way these cards were packaged, I do wonder if they were opened packs with inserts pulled and base cards left. These also had some cards we have seen in the football cards so far...

I can still count these as inserts, there are 90 of these skill testing question cards, and Griffey Jr. does seem to be on each and every one of them. That must count for something, right?

A few dupes, just because some guys showed up twice...

Though we end with a solid new Jays addition:

Carlos definitely had an impact on the Jays, and this was just touching the cusp of that impact in 1997 as he really took of the few years after that.


  1. I always forget about that Suppan card...I really should pick one up.

  2. The Reggie Sanders and Tino Martinez cards are fun. Good post and cards.

  3. Delgado certainly knows what's important!