Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Long Days of April

 The midst of another busy season, and I'd really like to see cards that are a bit more productive for my own collecting goals...

But I do smile in seeing not one, but TWO Bruce Smith cards. I think that makes three or four overall...makes me wonder how close to a 200 card base set I am getting on this one.

Neon Dieon and Shannon Sharpe add well here, as does Reggie White. I will say, with cards side by side where the half circle greatest game blurb is, kinda neat getting the sun like effect.

Poor Fred in the middle - why didn't he get the foil treatment on his last name? I checked and it seems to be how this card is done in the couple examples I saw quickly online. Odd.

Draft picks I don't recognize and...

Stars that I do!

I should take a look but I am guessing I am over half way done this base set...if anyone is interested in a good head start on this one, let me know!

To end today - a PWE which was a surprise from TCDB member and fellow Canadian PapaG321. These are great to get especially in April with busy season in full swing and not having time for much else. Still nice to open a surprise PWE and see some cards knocked off the wantlist.

I never picked up any packs of this - 2012 Topps flagship set, but with these, I am over 1/3 done on the typical for wrestling, 90 card base set.

This year, instead of alphabetical, they went by John Cena goes first ordering - can't complain, he was the man at the time for sure.

A pleasant surprise as TCDB has not been a place where I have been able to do much in trading and picking up Magic cards - at least not yet - so love the surprise help with another new card for the collection. Not a bad ability, though the cost is steep.

Many thanks PapaG321 and I have a couple envelopes headed out your way!

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  1. 1995 Fleer always gets such a bad rap. Seems to me that some of that shade should be getting thrown at the following year's offering. I really don't like the look of these!

    And I don't know anything about the game, but that is a good looking MTG card.