Thursday, April 15, 2021

Have No Fear 1996 Fleer

 Okay - status report on this one is I have 144 of the 200 card set, even though I probably have about 300 cards in total - plenty of dupes.

Today, another 50 from the set - so I figured I might as well see how many I can knock off of the base set as a whole.

It's actually quite easy to do in the middle of April, and in the middle of April, I really need "quite easy" anything.

So, with 50 more cards, I knocked another 11 missing cards off that list. Definitely a good sign, and definitely makes me think this set has a good chance of going all the way..

Still wouldn't keep it though, as much as I really want to have a complete set, just because it is starting to get really close.

I am a perfectionist who enjoys order and everything having it's place, so a complete set - even if not a keeper - is a thing of beauty.


  1. I wouldn't keep it either :)

  2. Nice McNair rookie. Plenty of good players. I wouldn't keep it. Good post.

  3. I've always liked this set. I would keep it if I had it, but I'm also not choosing to build it.