Sunday, April 25, 2021


Although I wouldn't be surprised if we run into a Superman card in actual fact during this go through of the 20 in 20 lot, it was more so the thought that came to mind when first seeing Tony Phillips below... 

A lot of the mid-air poses and photos really stick when I see them. I don't know if it's because they don't come up that much, r the sheer action, but I like them.

Speaking of liking, Randy Johnson - wasn't sure if I'd see him because I figure he may have been pulled as a PC guy for whoever had these cards before me, but lo and behold, we get his strike force subset card here.

So 24 more keepers here all in, which moves me to just over 140 of the 240 card series 1.

Oh...and a couple more Griffey cards...

Then, about half are dupes...

I guess it goes to show that there is a bunch of series 1 from this set here. If I were to guess, maybe another 200 cards to go through, which hopefully means I can get to over 210 of the 240 cards..then maybe trade to finish?

Gotta have a plan, even if you're Superman!

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