Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Diminishing Returns

 Like opening pack after pack in trying to complete a set, the more you buy, the more things turn into dupes with less cads being kept. Same works just as well when going through a lot of cards like thise. First piles of 50 cards, and most all the cards are keepers - a handful of days later, and today, down to 9 additions to the set.

Favourite of the bunch is McGriff as he is one of those Jays I would have loved to see stick around longer with the team, much like Fielder.

Also get a post Toronto Leiter too.

So, a parade of duplicates...


  1. Nice Larkin.
    Is that Gooden from his no-hitter? Cool.

    1. It absolutely is - hard to see, but that is the one liner on the front, just above his name.