Sunday, April 18, 2021

Not Trying To Score

 Well, at least at this point I am still not trying to collect this 1994-95 Score set...but a few more days like this and I might...

Regardless of collecting the set or not, I have two new Leaf additions.

I always felt Jamie Macoun and his contributions were a quiet and solid piece of the Toronto team. He wasn't flashy and didn't score a bunch of points as a D-man, but was a solid player in front of the goalie. That said, his days before in Calgary, and after in Detroit were more personally fruitful for the man - he won a Stanley Cup with each of those teams.

Mike Gartner was only with Toronto for parts of three seasons - just over 100 games, and though his best times were with Washington in the 80s, he was still a solid contributor to the Leafs. I am just surprised looking back, that given his short tenure, I remember him so fondly and clearly. Too bad the 'stache didn't have the tenure in Toronto that it had in Washington in the 80s - it was quite epic.

A good full day of cards from the set. With the set only being 275 cards, you can see why I say a couple days like this would be enough to want to add it to the slow build list - If I can start with about 100 cards from it, that's a great first go.

Even if it is a bit of an ugly looking set. Actually, maybe busy is a better word than ugly.

Before we go, one last think, and don't tell my wife. I bit the bullet and cleared out most of the low hanging fruit on my unopened Magic pack collection - packs that had been MIA in my collection. With these, I narrow the MIA group to a mere 14 sets, with only a couple of those being likely buys any time soon - but I will get to that later.

Here you will find part of my retirement savings (that's how I justify it):

Most of these are 1999 - 2003 or so packs, my favourite of which is the Classic (6th edition) with the bold green and artwork that actually isn't from any card in the set. Somewhere in this timeframe is when they started with different artwork on booster packs so there would be 3, 4 or 5 different packagings.

So if we take it through the current set just released, I believe that makes 132 different sets in which there were booster packs (typically 15 cards). Of those, I have 118 - well, when my 401games order arrives with the newest couple that is. As for the packs still MIA, and the reason I won't be seeing most soon...prices are all USD.

1999 Starter - $90
Weatherlight - $80
Visions - $130
Portal - $120
Portal Second Age - $200
Portal Three Kingdoms - $500
Tempest - $200
Stronghold - $200
Legends - $1,000
Antiquities - $1,000
Arabian Nights, Unlimited, Beta and Alpha - I'm not going to even price, but let's just say well over $5,000 each while Alpha packs would go for the same price as many cars.

Now, if I win the lottery.....


  1. Wow, MTG card are soaring in value, aren't they? I know my brother in law had a ton of early/valuable singles - I listed about $5k worth for him on eBay 10 years ago. I can only imagine what they'd sell for now.

  2. Whoa. Those are crazy prices for packs. I should have invested in some of those boxes back when I worked at the card shop in the late 90's.

    1. Who knew though - will be interesting to see, when things go back to being "more normal", how much of a pullback there is.

  3. 1994 Score was gross, but the Gold Line parallels get a big thumbs up from me.