Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Four of a Kind

 Well, I get four keepers from the cards today...

and they are all the same card. David Sacco was a Leaf for 4 games in 1993-94 where he scored a goal and had an assist. He went on to play 8 games the following season for Anaheim, and 23 the year after for them before leaving the NHL for good.

He only played a couple more seasons in the AHL and a couple part seasons in Europe before being done before the year 2000.

He was the younger brother of Joe Sacco, who had a much longer NHL career.

Almost had one more keeper with this...

I only have one card from the 1995 Topps Gallery set. That one card was enough for me to think this set was pretty darn nice, and maybe I should keep it and collect it.

As you probably guessed, that one card I picked up before, was Eckersley.

As for the rest...

The 1994-95 Score cards may end up being in my collection as I may get enough to consider collecting it in the end. The rookie subset cards seem to be even more 90s in design than the normal base cards.

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  1. The Masters subset out of 1996 Topps Gallery is gorgeous. I'd love to bust a box of that product one day and build the set.