Saturday, April 24, 2021

Counting Dots

Luckily, not talking about Inc. versus Inc variations, we get an error card with a dot later on, but let's first start with another bunch of 1997 Upper Deck additions. 

I am glad that they make a note on the Alvarez card that it has to do with St. Patrick\s Day, as that at leasy explains the green uniform which looks so out of place.

The spring training shots are pretty interesting too with Hal and Kenny sporting some interesting equipment looks.

Excellent bunch...and the error I was speaking of...

Definitely not an error I would go out of my way to get, but will keep as an error card given the circle by the card number in the top left corner.

Also gave a chance to show the backs on the cards which are pretty solid all around. Stats given plenty of room to be full, nice write ups and highlights, and a different picture on the back than the front.

Let's look at more backs with the dupes...

Yeah - not sure why we get a single card from the World Leagie which goes back to the first cards I pulled out of the lot, but so be it.

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