Monday, April 26, 2021


 Why do I remember this Marty so well?

No, seriously, I'm not sure why. I absolutely remember him and his brief time in Toronto, well, his brief time in the majors for that matter. Marty came to Toronto in the deal that saw David Cone head to New York.

I think New York got the best of that deal, though I doubt Cone would have stuck around Toronto anyway.

Marty stuck around the Jays for 2 years, appearing in 27 games, with an 11-13 record.

Well, at least I got another Griffey...

Oh, and another baker's dozen of cards for the 1997 Upper Deck series 1 set.

Talk about a couple aces - Maddux and Nomo. I just noticed that the design around the picture actually is different for each pitcher, specifying their specific pitches which is a neat little extra.

We end with the dupes...