Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Future Legends

 I was hoping to see more of this set...

1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now. 

How can you not love cards like the Curt Schilling one - kids on cards are awesome. I want to take a quick focus though on the supposed Future Legends, and see how correct this title was.

Juan Encarnacion - over 1200 games over 11 years with 5 different teams, did get 2 World Series rings out of his tenure, but not a Hall of Famer.

Brad Fullmer - 8 years over 4 teams, including 2 years in Toronto, did get a World Series ring in 2002, but not a Hall of Famer.

Ben Grieve - 9 years over 4 teams, an all star in 1998, but not a Hall of Famer

Paul Konerko - 18 years, most of which with the White Sox, a World Series ring from 2005, not quite a Hall of Famer - he got 2.5% of the votes in 2020 voting.

Magglio Ordonez - 15 years with 2 teams, 2017 hall of fame voting of 0.7%

Enrique Wilson - 9 years with 4 teams, not a Hall of Famer.

Overall - these ones, not so legend....wait for it.....ary.

A few dupes from the set, and more football with no surprise there...


  1. As an A's fan, I went all in on Ben Grieve. Thought he would become a superstar. He was solid in Oakland, but his numbers dropped after he was traded.

    1. Yes - he was an exciting one with the A's, but didn't last after that unfortunately.

  2. I haven't heard any one say anything positive about something related to Curt Schilling on the blogs in a really long time... good on you for being willing to do so!

    1. To be fair, my love for the card is not related to the individual in it, but I can look at it and separate the choice of photo and "moment" being captured, from any specific feelings about the individual pictured. Not sure if that makes sense but it's probably a whole discuss on whether the photo captured is better/worse/indifferent if it is Derek Jeter, Al Leiter, Frank Thomas, or Scott Rolen for example, but as a choice photo for any player, capturing that moment just stands out.