Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Yay A Griffey!

 I have been joking recently off all the Griffey insert cards from 1997 Upper Deck that I have been getting with the meet the stars game cards that I have been getting but...

Right there in the midst of the additions for this set, I have an actual base card Griffey. Actually a very dark scanning Defensive Gems subset card. Not gonna lie, happy to see one either sneak through, or be left while the other copies were taken.

But let's not forget...

To answer the question, I believe at this point that the team would be Atlanta, as I think they were in 4 World Series match ups by 1997.

The Jays had the better winning percentage though at 2-0.

The rest...

Glancing at the next pile - I think we sputter out on the 1997 Upper Deck...but that will be nice for the change in pace nd should leave me around 60-80% on series 1, but will wait to check that percentage tomorrow.

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  1. Wish it had been the A's... but I think you're right: the Braves.