Thursday, August 5, 2021

1999 Topps Opening Day Baseball

 Self explanatory what we are getting into today.

I like Opening Day sets generally for their size. At usually 200 cards give or take, they can actually be completed - save for the SSSP cards of our day. The designs are decent in most cases, or at least decent knock offs of the flagship sets, whether you like those or not, with the added Opening Day logo, like the foil one we have here.

With the 1999 set here, I like the grey border. Topps played with some border colours around the 2K mark with teal, diarrhea brown and this grey for example. Not all successful, but a bit different at least.

The foil makes the Opening Day logo hard to read - glad this isn't still done, but the photography is at least par for the course. None of the shots, as you can see here, are unusual, but they are still solid.

Plus, this is a good start to the set, and there seem to be dupes of most cards...

Not sure if there were two or three full sets originally, or what we have here, but with a 165 card base set, I expect I will go from having 2 Jays to hopefully around 75% complete, but we shall see.

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  1. Not the biggest fan of the 1999 Topps (and Topps Opening Day) design, but they did have some really great action shots. That Nolan Ryan card is awesome.

    I wrote about the Chrome refractor version of that card a few years ago: