Sunday, August 15, 2021

More Victories

Oh yes, there is Victory today...

Pure speculation that the guy collects goalies, as I would say there has been a fair number of goalie cards missing which, I wouldn't call stars or big names, and no real team run, so that's my guess. Would be why, with no 80% (160 of 200) of the set now done, two of the needs here were goalies.

Gives me hope I may get even closer before this is done.

Another "getting closer"...

I love me Timmies cards. Most of the recent sets, I am not even near 50% of the base set done, but picking up a few more including a nice P.K. makes for another little Victory.

Oh, plenty of other Victories that I don't need...

I don't show the backs as often as I think about it. The Victory backs are very solid though, and full stats - yay!

Won't complain about Timmies dupes either. Love when the scanner hits them just right to get that nice glow like on Hall.

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