Sunday, August 1, 2021

Something Different

Today, time for a little break from the 20 in 20 Lot of cards. I mentioned a while ago, putting in an order with Presstine. It's something that I first heard about from Doug at Sportscards From The Dollar Store but hadn't tried myself until I noticed the Magic Card backs on sale. Usually the online prices are more expensive than buying in store at Dollarama, so I wouldn't consider it, but with these on sale, they were pennies cheaper, and given all of the lockdown / stay at homeness of the last year or so, I figure it was the safer way to get these, and a few other baseball and hockey related items.

Since I have a good dozen and a half of these to go through whenever I want, and as my son is getting interested in the cards too - I best at least crack one open as I hunt for some artifact cards..

Packaging is only slightly different as these don't have the Dollarama pricing on the top, so I guess they print separately for Dollarama. I wonder if contents then are any different.

Of course, this is only the one half - second half tomorrow, but oldest card is from 1997 and the Tempest set - not bad, though I always hope for maybe something with a white border when I go through these.

As usual, some solid art with the Spearpoint Oread, some big baddiness with the Goliath Spider, and solid flavour text with the Staunch-Hearted Warrior.

The Raptor is solid - simple creature, cute picture and nice quote!

Not a surprise many of the cards are from the last couple years, but I'm happy with a 2014-2020 range for the bulk as I may have artifact cards, but won't likely have 4 of each already as a playing set, so should still have a lot of keepers.

As I say, cool we even get into 2020 cards since the year isn't that far behind us. Oh and artifact cards...

I would have no problem with 4 artifact cards for each half package. All 4 of these are keepers with the Primal Clay being my favourite.  I have the card from different sets (like 1994's Revised set), but cool to get a new card, new artwork and my first artifact from the 25th Anniversary Modern Masters set.

Overall for the half we have one rare, six uncommons and 43 common cards - a solid breakdown. Of course the value is pennies per card and noting too special - The Multiform Wonder I could get at 401games for $0.50, for example.

Second half is up tomorrow!


  1. I usually do a project where my kids make trading cards of Civil Rights leaders. I might switch it up this year and do something with either Pokemon or MTG cards. The artwork is fantastic.

    1. That's a great way to incorporate an interesting element into the learning.

  2. Good looking cards. Always like the cards from these sets. The Burning Prophet is my favorite.

  3. Do you and your son play MTG?

    1. Not too often still, but we do on occasion. He isn't into it fully yet, likes to play, but not quite there on figuring out putting a deck together, etc. Maybe a couple more years if he sticks with it and has the desire to do more.