Thursday, August 26, 2021

Be A Collector?

 Be A Player sets have never been ones I overly cared for. I rarely find a design I like much, and the "In The Game Inc.", just not the same as an Upper Deck, Score, Topps, etc.

Not saying they can't have decent sets, just not sets that drive me to collect them. Today we have a perfect example of that issue.

1999-2000 Be A Player Memorabilia set isn't a bad design, it just isn't a set that draws me in at all.

Lots of blue border though, so Leaf cards look nice I am sure.

This set is 400 cards, the first 300 really being the pure base set, and today we get a first 50 cards.

Just not enough here to draw me in. At least not on the fronts...we can check out the backs tomorrow.

The Be A Player logo on the front is a little big and not necessary but...

Leaf cards do look pretty nice.

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