Sunday, August 8, 2021

Keep Cruz'n

 We keep Cruz'n through 1999 Topps Opening Day baseball today...

If I am going to get three of a card, might as well be a Jays card! Jose here after a 1998 year that saw him still bobbing between the Jays and the minors. I like the stretch swing on the card, you can feel the effort to connect.

I keep getting a fair number of cards for this set, again, only 200 base cards, so we continue to do well and look like we may get close to 75% completion if this keeps up.

Love this little set the more I see of it. I mean, SMoltz, Mussina, Martinez, Glavine, Biggio...and more...just a great line up of players. Evan Oh Henry! at the end.

Plenty of dupes as well, which is okay.

As I say, the set keeps growing on me as being a solid little one to collect.

Let's cruise through part of a recent 401games purchase - here being the MTG singles I picked up.

The first card here, the Juggernaut, is a Friday Night Magic card from 2005, nice foil, and was one of the giveaway cards at the time for live event participation. I never took part in the events back in the day, so never picked any up in person, but here's one.

Also picked up some 2010 Magic artifacts which for whatever reason, we difficult to find, even if they aren't expensive.

Most of the rest, are from the recent Dungeons & Dragons set, or the related Commander set that were released. I don't mind the crossover, and don't mind the alternative art on the Iron Golem which provides a bolder, a bit lighter, but reminiscent of the old brown artifact border.

Interesting to see some of the d20 mechanics. I guess it means needing more than one for using as a life counter (at least that's what we use to use them for).

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