Saturday, August 21, 2021

Who's Next

 We are getting near half way through the cards, well at least in this "chunk", for the 2006-07 O Pee Chee base set, so let's see what else we have here.

I forget how long it's been since Duncan Keith first started in the NHL - 2005-06 feels like forever ago!

As for the pics - I guess Jeff Hamilton wasn't playing at the away game every one was photographed at. A small item I do like is when the team set is all in the same uniform. I know it can't always happen depending on when photos are taken, and what games people play in, but it looks a little better with a team set when they are all dressed in the same home or away uniform.

Oh Columbus, still a team that is just "there". I have never been able to get behind caring for the team, either to like or dislike, and only find them notable for Rick Nash's time there.

Always happy with a Modano card - even this late in his career.

As for the dupes...

Solid, and overall as we see below, I am sticking around 30% for the cards I am keeping out of this lot. Not too bad, especially since I am already over the about 12k cards the lot was estimated at, and at a glance...there are about 10 800-count boxes and 1 3200 count box left to go through. I may well end up over 25,000 cards on this one (and 30% of that would be about 7,500 keepers for less than a penny the hours of fun going through and posting/sharing. 

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