Monday, August 16, 2021

Happy Birthday To Me

 Anything special? No - not really, but that's just fine.

Another day, another day closer to some normalcy, and a second vaccine dose for myself, and one day at a time on everything else.

To that extent, another day when it comes to this lot of cards, so let's see what we have today.

I'll be honest - 1999-2000 Upper Deck is not a set I remember that I am slowly collecting. It's a fine set, and I have a decent start, which is why I keep what I get, but it doesn't stand out with any importance to me. By this time, I wasn't following the sport closely as I was just off to University, and focused on other things accordingly. Definitely a lull when I wasn't really following hockey.

Still, the design is fine enough and not overpowering, though the dark blue background on the back is well...let's peek in the cards that are dupes or that I am not keeping...

They are very contrasted. I mean, not really bad, but definitely stark.

I do like the 1999-200 better than the 2002-03 Upper Deck there's that.