Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Finish The Play

 With it being a small set, we started yesterday and finish (for now) on what we get for this base set, today.

Since there are just a few cards missing, I suspect there is a small group of cards covering some of the first 20 base cards, as that whole chunk is MIA, and since we have 74 of the base card of about 80 otherwise, I can't see the front teams just being missing.

Just to give a sample of who appears to be MIA - Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman, Martin Brodeur, Jaromir Jagr - and then the first 21 cards also. So my guess, I will be over 0$ when I get those other cards, and just have the few stars to pick up.

Even in today's craziness, I can't see those cards being hard to trade for, even if it's 5 or 10 to one trades, not really a bother to me, so we shall see. Getting ahead of myself a bit on that one.

Will be a few Leafs short of also having the team set, but did get at least one copy of the Leafs...

As for the rest...

1996 Leaf baseball is an alright set. Nothing to write home about for design, and just a smattering here. Not collecting it at this point, and no Jays, so it's a pass.

Pacific being Pacific - will have to see how much of the Dynagon Ice set shows up before considering collecting it or not.

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