Wednesday, September 1, 2021


 Sometimes pulling 50 random cards out of a lot like this one, it's just a write off and a "pass" on the bunch.

Definitely that case today.

I have never enjoyed the early 90s 7th Inning Sketch minor league cards. Minor league cards are not my thing in general, and the photo work along with a "meh" design, just doesn't give me any reason to care about the set.

It's interesting maybe to see a couple guys pre-NHL days like Darian Hatcher, but when the best photo they can use of you is like Pollard...I mean, come on. For a moment I thought the net got a card.

North Bay looks good for it's age - but would have made a bit more sense if the word checklist appeared somewhere on the front.

So yeah, a big ol' pass on the bunch today. DO these cards interest anyone out there? Do people collect these in any big way? If I was ever to consider cards for a fire (which I wouldn't), these would be first up.


  1. Up until today I think I’ve seen only one or two of the 7th Inning Sketch cards, thought they were perhaps the odd one or two from the set. After seeing these, I totally agree, very unappealing. Too bad, these maybe the only cards some guys ever get.

    1. That is the one bright spot I will credit the set for - all these junior players who didn't make it further and are able to say they were on a hockey card.