Monday, September 27, 2021

2016-17 Parkhurst

 Not an original title, but exactly what we are opening a pack of today. Not a set I collect, so just insert/parallel and Leaf hunting today.

I hadn't seen any of these NHL Centennial Salute inserts which do not scan well at all. In hand it looks pretty darn sweet with a very Black Diamind feel/look, and of course the moment being presented is kind of a big deal. 

I wasn't even alive when it happened, but feel like I have lived through the Bobby Orr goal with how many times I have seen pictures, video, and heard the story recounted.

Very cool moment on a very cool card.

The rest of the pack...

Though Price is probably the highlight - if I wasn't going to get a Leaf, at least I got a Bruin card I can pass along.

Tomorrow at least I can get to a pack that I am actually collecting the related set.


  1. Love the flying goal celebration card. Although... I like the photo where he's parallel with the ice a little more.

    1. Agreed - the parallel won would win, as much as this one is pretty solid too.