Thursday, September 30, 2021

Still Helping

 Here we have the last pack from the Gem box, which has been about what is expected - a chance to open some packs with little real oomph in the cards or big hits or anything, but cracking into packs is still worth the price sometimes.

Today, we get a single scan to show all of the 2018-19 Upper Deck Series 2 cards, and at least they are all keepers for my set build.

Also not complaining that I got Crosby right off the bat - about as nice as base cards go. Though the Young Gun isn't a home run, getting one is help no matter what.

Highmore had some games in 2017-18, some more for Chicago in 2019-20 before spending part of that year then over with Vancouver.

You know where I spent time recently? You are the baseball cards from that I picked up. As you will see, very Jays heavy.

1990 Panini Stickers are one of the first collectible "cards" I have fond memories of. The other two would be 1984 O Pee Chee and 1991 Donruss believe it or not. I remember packs upon packs of them and still not completing the set...had to love the poor collation...

Just a sprinkling of 80s Jays for the most part as well. I was looking more to just fill in holes with what Jays were available, so picked up a few.

As you can see, 1986 Donruss needed the most help.

Fred McGriff is the error "missing copyright info on the back" one which I was still missing.

90s Bowman...still need more...then we just to more recent cards. I think I was finding so much I needed, I just figured I'd go to the newer cards since I don't see as much of that.

Nothing too spectacular, but it doesn't have to be - base Jays from any set, especially the new ones I don't have, are great additions.

Oh, at least one team set I did finish off...

Yeah, I was still missing one or two from 1988 Score, and here made sure to also get dupes for the set build where those were needed.

All fantastic, but I think I am saving the best of the singles I picked up for last - the wrestling portion.


  1. For a first year set, '88 Score was pretty good. Way better than '81 Donruss or the '81 return of Fleer.

    Tempted by Crosby, but the DK Stieb wins this round.

    1. Everyone always talks about Upper Deck being a great set the first years it existed - score was pretty good too. Agreed that Donruss and Fleer seemed to need a little room to learn and grow before hitting their stride.