Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Highlighting a Career

 2018-19 Upper Deck hockey flagship has 2 packs in the Gem box I picked up, and these are the last two packs for exploring - one today and one tomorrow. Going with Series 1 today, we get an insert from a really net insert set.

When you play as many seasons as Jagr, you have to have earned some level of respect, even from those who never liked you. Happily, I was a Pens fan (right behind my Maple Leafs), back in the days of Jagr and Mario, and they were a great tandem.

The card I pulled, a little later on in his career - showing his trade (in exchange for Anson Carter and cash), from Washington to New York. Even with the interruption, he was still close to a point per game producer.

The rest of the keepers from the pack...

No Leafs, but all adds except...

Given how few cards I have from the set, was a little surprised to get a dupe, but there you have it.

From the post yesterday, do you prefer this design - more white space on the front - or the design from yesterday - 2017-18 Upper Deck hockey? Either way you are stuck with the foil team logos....

Something else I am "stuck" with today - more awesome cards from - today, a bunch of hockey.

One pack for the unopened pack collection and a couple Leaf cards  - nice Hostess cards still in their wrapping.

I actual got an extra Upper Deck pack, so I opened one, just to see what I ended up with and...

No specific keepers for me, but a fine enough 4 cards.

The rest of my hockey card pick ups were for slow set completion purposes, so we have 2005-06 Upper Deck Victory here, as well as...

2006-07 McDonalds and some 2012-13 Artifact cards - a set I haven't added to in a good while!

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