Saturday, September 25, 2021

A Change of Pace

Going to change it up for a short break of a couple days and step away from the lot of card to instead open a few packs. I know - been a while since I opened packs, especially with the crazy of the hobby this year, it just hasn't been worth looking at newer pack products between the price increases and lower availability.

So I go to my stash and find a box I believe I got for my birthday....last year.

Been a while since I have seen something like this. Best they have these days is a blister pack including a couple packs, instead of the box with 10 or more idea.

First up, the graded card:

Yeah - my scanner doesn't do these cards well, but I usually don't keep them. Here I am torn but will keep it as 2009-10 is a set I am backburner collecting, and this is a card I am missing. One day I will probably free it though, if needed for the set.

I know - surprised it wasn't something like a Crosby graded rookie card or something.

As for the packs...

About what would be expected. I do get one unopened pack for the collection with one of the 2018-19 Parkhurst packs, so there is that. As for the rest, let's run through over a few days - but the Score, which I am slow building, we can run through all together today and see what we end up with.

This is a set I am hanging onto and slowly collecting - near half way done now - and nice to get a couple subset cards including the RNH card number 1.

I also came away with a couple Leaf cards in the packs...

Actually needed James here which, as you can see, shows his trade to Toronto. 3rd Ryan Hamilton rookie card though, and that's cool.

Inserts are keepers of course, even if I accidentally cut off the bottom part of Luongo's card - my bad. The Team Score cards remind me of 1991 Score baseball's similar black and white Team Score subset.


Simple colour coordinated backs which provide full stats and write ups where able, and one dupe insert...

As I completed the insert set before.

Not bad for the four packs, will see over the next few days if the other packs provide anything worthwhile.

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