Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The End and The Start

 Today's lot of cards from the lot, bring a bunch of Ultra basketball, similar to prior days, so let's take a quick look at those...

and then I think a bit of a start for something we will see a bit more of the next couple days...

These are subset cards from 1996 Upper Deck Silver Collection football. There have been some other base cards earlier on from this set, but these are the first subset cards of season leaders that I have seen (I think....or maybe my memory isn't so good...).

I really love the back of these. Not only do you get a fun down of the top 10 for the season in a give stat category, but you also get the all time leaders to be able to put the current season numbers into some perspective compared to the record books.

May not be my sport, but that is a really solid insert set I'd love to see each year in baseball and hockey - very cool.

Let's finish with a nice little PWE trade with first time trade partner myrke at TCDB - at least these will be cards I need...

He is a Red Sox collector, so had a number of dupes which came my way for set builds. Yes, still working on 1989 Donruss, and 1986 Topps.

Odd Jays and Donruss King dupes for the Donruss King sets I like to also keep as well.

We get some Jays including the last couple needed for the 2019 Topps Opening Day team set of 5 cards, though still need a couple dupes as I am slowly building the set.

When a couple of the cards were pulled, apparently the condition wasn't perfect (I was fine with the card condition personally), so an extra card was thrown in...

Another slow build set with 1982 Topps, and not a surprise it's a Red Sox card, every card helps.

Great little trade and much appreciated!


  1. Amazingly I am still a couple cards short on 1993-94 Ultra!

    1. I have a couple sets that I look at and think, how can I possibly still be missing cards? 1989 Donruss baseball comes to mind as one.

  2. He only played in Boston for two seasons... but I can always picture him with the Red Sox.