Saturday, September 18, 2021

New Jersey

Before I get to the usual lot cards and the title, let me just say - and Steven who runs the show (though I think his wife helps a lot too ;) ) are a great site and a great person. Any card for a dime is great, and having it at your computer, super convenient. It may not have everything under the sun (yet), but I have no problem finding a couple hundred cards when I check it out. Always nice to get a big package of cards that are all "wants".

I recently got a nice little package from there, and placed another order too. Going to split up what I got recently as there are a couple themes to it.

Today's theme...


Isn't the variety of designs amazing given these just cover a few years at the turn of the century? I mean, something for everyone with the designs. It's the first I had seen of Topps Fusion which seems to take the designs from other sets by Topps and stick them all in one glutton of a base set with Fusion stuck on there too.

Still, these two are my favourites because:

1) Stadium Club generally rules and the nice full stretch grab horizontal shot is very nice.
2) Donruss Classics is a set I just really like...though the "T" logo could be replaced with a different era logo and be even that bit better.

With all these being new, I just went from 198 Delgado cards to 218! 10% more Delgados!

More tomorrow from the package, but first,, more "lot" cards...

Nice to see some additions from 2007-08 Upper Deck Mini Jersey set. I still think the set would have made a whole lot more sense if the base cards were at least shaped like a jersey or something.

With these few additions, getting to about 2/3 of the pure base set completed.

Having a chunk of the set, does make for some dupes from the set including a couple Sedin cards.

Oh, and to go with the cards from yesterday...

Figure I should at least show some of the backs from the cards since there are so many. I will say, I love the background speckled basketball look is really well done an a great touch. Not the biggest fan of the red and white striping for the states, but reminds me a lot of 1988 Fleer's blue and white.

Neat - didn't know football had Summit from Pinnacle, but there you have it, apparently they did.


  1. Kudos to Topps for the well cropped photo on that SC Delgado. Great looking card.

  2. They're not a dime each. They're a dime each plus $5 shipping.

    1. Absolutely true, but for myself, I figure that in order to get to a dime box, I'm probably spending more than $5 either on entry fee or gas to get to/from a show or flea market having such things.

  3. Their site is really great, and seems to be very popular too. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the increased demand going forward.

    1. Agreed - growing pains in normal circumstances are tough for any business, but more so now given the environment still.