Friday, September 3, 2021


 The lot has been pretty hockey heavy thus far, and even among the other major sports, but glad to see some baseball today.

1991 Leaf is a set I do have completed, and my Jays team set too, so there are only a couple cards left I need which are error cards for the error binder.

No luck there in these ones, but I can still appreciate the card design.

The backs are straightforward enough, and have the full year by year stats which is a huge plus of course.

Grey may not be the most exciting colour, but at least it keeps the cards easy to read.

and really, keeping the cards easy to read is a....

to making the cards easy to enjoy and read, I mean, a bad colour combination will just...

the whole thing and make it impossible to read.

Hard to enjoy the hobby and the cards, if you can't even ready what they say at all.

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