Sunday, September 26, 2021

High and Draisaitl

 Today, a pack of 2018-19 Parkhurst hockey from the  Gem box - a quick and easy share. As always, we hope for any kind of Leaf or insert/parallel goodness.

Alright - good base cards, I mean, can't go wrong with Leon and Andrei given he had a pretty nice playoff to end last year.

We end the pack with more Edmonton and Tampa cards as well as a rookie card, which is nice, but leaves me with a whole lot of nothing for what I collect.

Can't win them all I guess.

At least I can say the design is simple and sleek. Definitely with the "slanted line" trend on designs for the front of Topps flagship sets - I am looking at you!


  1. Holtby is a silver parallel. Those were hard to notice on that set.

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. Looking at the scan, the difference in colour looks more noticeable than it is in hand.