Sunday, September 5, 2021

Enter The Studio

 I have mentioned liking Studio on and off on the blog, but there isn't a specific set I have gone out of my way to actively try and build, it's always been the slow card pick up here or there, and today is no different.

1992 Studio baseball here, and I am showing the backs because that is what really makes the set different. No states, but instead, interesting informational tid bits!

The uniqueness of the backs, and even the fronts, really made Studio stand out as different. Something I think it lost over the years from these original early 1990 versions.

I mean, what other set will let you know that Jose Canseco wants to meet God?

Happily get a few Jays in the bunch as well...

What other card let's you know the favourite bands, actor, books, etc? Very cool concepts that would be great to see again on current players.

The rest of today's cards...

So, it's Classic, it's football,. it's a design I am not impressed with...but it's different! Never seen the set before, so it does have that going for it, but nothing that draws me to it other than saying, it's different...but looks very Classic.

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