Thursday, September 16, 2021

A Dante Day

A shame there was only one of these today...

but at least it is a new one to add. One of the best DHs ever, Dante wasn't exactly the quickest on the base path, so I can understand that Lou Brock would give him a 2/5 rating on the back. Definitely a unique set.

Speaking of unique, this 80 card insert set for Pinnacle's "Team 2000" is a decent design, and a solid line up of players. Jeff Bagwell definitely made it big enough to deserve to be in this insert set. Hoping to see more of these somewhere in this lot.

As for the rest...

Always like the McD cards, even if these is a set I have completed, including the retro insert set - 1999-2000.

Most of the rest are additional 1996 Silver Collection Upper Deck football cards which are fine in hand and very chrome-esque, but scan horribly dark unfortunately.

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