Sunday, September 12, 2021

More Ultra

Given yesterday, didn't want to focus on the cards because that shouldn't have been the focus for yesterday.

Today is a different story, and we get another bunch  so we get a chance to review anew.

The Ultra design is one that made it across all the major sports, and I am most familiar with it in hockey, but here we have it with 1993-94 Ultra. Definitely a design that has grown on me and aged well. I wasn't originally a big fan, but like the simplicity of the front and the look with the team colou accents, and not having the design overwhelm the photography.

Sure, the flaming basketball may be a bit much, but it doesn't take away from the photos, though I'd love to see one of the cards have it just right that the flaming basketball was looking like it was going right into a net - that would be very NBA JAM-like. There was a solid basketball game, both arcade and Super Nintendo-wise.

That Moses Malone card gets pretty close actually.

Wow - there are a couple names I haven't seen in a while. Schrempf - which always bothered me because the name needed at least a couple more vowels in it with all those consonants, and Sleepy Floyd, I mean, guy was pretty active for someone named Sleepy!

Sure, seems like the big names are MIA from the cards here, but between yesterday and today, we have a good started set going if anyone is interested!

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  1. Never put the logo and NBA Jam together until you mentioned it. That was an awesome arcade game.