Thursday, September 9, 2021

A Quick Diversion

I have a bunch of 100 card Magic The Gathering packs to go through from a while ago now, which I got directly from Presstine Marketing, so let's take a quick break and go through one (50 cards today, 50 cards tomorrow), and see if I can come up with any good cards. 

First half...

That's a solid half, getting 7 artifacts out of 50 cards, sweet!

None of them are jaw dropping good, though I do like the effect for Prophet of the Peak.

The packs do warn that there may be dupes in the pack, and sometimes I swear, a couple copies get stuck together and come out together which is what happened here.

We get our rare with Defiant Bloodlord - there tends to be a rare or a foil on each half. It's a beast to case with 7 total mana, so limited play opportunity, but interesting side effect of hurting an opponent when healing yourself.

As I always like to, I really look well at the artwork on the cards, and was going to mention Wresnch Mind for the twisted visual - but then reading the flavour text, I laughed and loved that part of the card even more. One head snapping...ha!

I know the lands seem basic, but some are very well done and I know some players are very particular over which lands they play with because the artwork they choose is those they like. Both the plains and mountains here are very nice.

I think I pulled a couple other Elsa's - I mean, Queen of Ice cards in the last of these I went through.

Overall, pretty good half, and we do get some 2020 cards, so pretty close up to when I bought these, which is nice to see.

Definitely will be a hard half to beat tomorrow!

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