Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 Well, if you liked the 1994-95 Upper Deck Hockey show from yesterday, you are in luck.

Plenty more of the same today. Still not interested in collecting the set though. I can appreciate a unique photo though with Zholtok stretched across the top of the boards.

I don't want Kelly to take this the wrong way, but the Kings goalie - I recognize him more quickly and easily under the Kings mask than I do seeing his actual face. Don't know why he stands out so much to me in mask, but he does.

A bit surprised to see Pavel here - would figure his cards would be among the possibly missing stars, but I'll take it!

Hehehe....I still look at Doug Bodger's name on a card to see how closely the font makes his name look like Booger....

We get into the subsets here as well with some World Jr. names which made a solid NHL dent including Daze...

Some world subset including the other Lindros and we end with what includes Leaf number 200 from the lot...

Not the biggest of scorers from the D line - combined in 1993-94 the pair had 6 goals, but they could hold their own on the blue line....Gill much better than Drake though to be honest!

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