Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ending With The Leaf Portion

 Today, we get to wrap up the 2006-07 O Pee Chee set ( far, could always be more somewhere in this lot).

I like how Moore and Whitney tried to line up for identical photos.

No surprise the subset cards are a bit minimal as it well, and nothing really from the rookies. That said, we end up at just over 250 of the 700 card base set - a solid 36% which is pretty solid for such a large set.

Though I am hoping there will be some more before this lot is done. 

Highlight though, for me, are the Leaf cards.

Not one of their stronger periods as a team, but they can't all be winners as the Raptors are going through currently.

As for the dupes, some backs to end.

Well, the backs for the Hall Worthy cards are simple enough, but the team colouring is a nice touch.

The set will never be one of my favourites, but isn't horrible either, kind of middle of the road, though I still find it isn't typical O Pee CHee.

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