Sunday, August 29, 2021

McDs and Not Just Hockey

WHenever I get some McDonald's cards, it's a good thing. 

Back to some 2000-01 McDonald's cards. At the time, it was Pacific doing the cards, and they were some pretty good designs in the early 00s. Here we have a couple more copies of Antropov. This was early in Nik's career, and he did end up in Toronto for about 9 years, which was the majority of his NHL time.

The best part though, is given I only need about 6 cards in the base set...

Well, need two less cards now. Funny enough, 2 of those missing are Montreal I guess I need to have them, even if I don't really "want" them.

As for the rest, some interesting cards here too...

1998-99 Black Diamond basketball. Haven't seen this one before, but generally like Black Diamond, and the design fits right in. The purple glint from the scanning 

Okay, that Wallace card looks really nice - the Raptors purple and the purple glare, just a yummy looking card.

We do have a few left over Be A Player hockey cards, but...

A bunch of duplicate McD cards make up for it. Would love to need them all, but have already pulled most of the base set from this lot.

We end with a single 2002-03 Upper Deck card. Not a set I am that has drawn my collecting interest to this point. A solid variety of cards to day, which is always nice.


  1. I was obsessed with basketball cards in 1998-99. I opened up a ton of those Black Diamond packs. Just came across a stack of Jordans from that set. Feel like they made 10 to 15 different versions of his card that year.