Tuesday, November 28, 2023

1997 Bowman Baseball

 As obvious from the title, today's cards from the COVID lot are all from 1997 Bowman - specifically the second series.

With the deadly to condition black borders, the cards look sharp, but ding easy. The blue accent is great, though wish they didn't foil the Bowman logo personally.

A lot of close up photos and posed shots, and as we go through, no Jays or keepers for myself.

Not a set I have any interest in collecting, and a time period that I wasn't collecting at the time, so no ties there.

Backs that don't bother with full stats, but do provide a full write up, I am sure those work for some, but I would definitely like them improved.

As a whole - a little underwhelming on names and stars, though at least I have a few Expos to pass along to Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog. Hope you are keeping well Mike - I know this year has been a tough one for you with your health, etc.

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