Friday, November 17, 2023

Racing Through More Hockey

 As I said, here we go with a whole bunch hockey cards from Shaw Racing...

We get a few oversized cards. I remember these Kraft Dinner boxes and cards and wish I kept the ones I had back in the day, but happily have a few of them now!

In looking for cards I didn't have that I may want, I picked out almost the entire set of Star Performers from 1992-93 O Pee CHee, which look very similar to the base cards, but nice and glossy (and red bordered).

We continue with Leaf dupes for the collection - and that Doug chillin' card always makes me happy. Love it.

A few more set pick ups - though not sure I should really consider the card game a set, but it is what it is. I know the next one is a set...

1995-96 Score is a nice clean looking set, and now I am about 30-40 cards closer on that one.

1996-97 Leaf Preferred Steel cards were interesting enough, I figured I'd pick a few of them as well, and a missing Roy McDonalds card....hate having to get Roy cards...

Fantastic cards as always, but tomorrow, on to the beat part of the box - wrestling cards!


  1. I get that ever player has a 'hockey nickname' but how did the NHLPA clear a card that says 'Poops'?? lol, that had my inner child chuckling.

    1. Must have been someone at the NHLPA who wanted to share the