Saturday, November 4, 2023

Remembering '72

 I may have not been around for the Summit Series when it happened, but was around when this set same out in 1991 or so, commemorating the event.

Being international focused, this isn't in my wheelhouse for collecting, but is still a cool set to see pop up. I mean, you have some great stars in it - both for Canada and for Russia. My international hockey memories as a child are mostly of the dominance of Canada on the World Junior stage, so seeing and hearing about what the Summit Series was so different. A series Canada was supposed to cake walk to many, but finding that Russia had many high caliber players, and ended up in a dogfight to save face, which they did.

There have been many interviews and documentaries on the series made, and if you don't know it well, check any of them out - even for American hockey fans, it's an interesting hockey historical event and explains a lot about hockey on an international scale, in the 70s, and as it led into the 80s.

As for the cards and the set, about 40 cards here in total, all on TCDB if anyone is interest.

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